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Our Featured  Videos, Images & Quotes

Nurse Melissa - Alexandria

Nurse Sue - McAllen

Nurse Zach - Macon

Nurse Kelly - Macon

Nurse Deana - Macon

Nurse Taylor - Tallahassee

Nurse Vince - Macon

Nurse Karen - Media


Nurse Lori - Torrance

Nurse Margaret and Kaylee

Nurse Monica - Atlanta North

Confidence, Flexibility, and Strength!

Executive Director Lauren - Fayetteville

Executive Director Stacie - Metro Minnetonka

I found growth!

Nurse Joanna and Daphne

With Aveanna I was given the opportunity to continue my education and learn. I never saw myself working with pediatric patients because I was intimated with the field but working with Aveanna, I found my passion… I love being a pediatric Nurse. To Daphne and Aveanna, I thank you.

Nurse Cheryl and Shelton

Nurse Leah and Shelton

Mom and nurse, the flexibility is amazing!

Nurse Tana - Baton Rouge

Nurse Telair - Baton Rouge

Nurse Kobi - Baton Rouge

Nurse Jessi - Baton Rouge

Nurse Lawanda - Baton Rouge

Nurse Nyesha - Baton Rouge

Nurse Lillie - Baton Rouge

Nurse Anna - Baton Rouge

Nurse Jacqueline - Baton Rouge

Nurse Jennifer - Baton Rouge

Nurse Ebony - Baton Rouge

Nurse Cynthia - Cartersville

Nurse Angela - Baton Rouge

Nurse Tammie - Baton Rouge

Nurse Jakiaya - Baton Rouge

Fort Myers Team

We found a team!

Nurse Sandra - Savannah

Nurse Monique - South Houston

Nurse Brenda - Galva

Nurse Joshua - Scranton

Nurse Tammy - York

My reason for being a nurse at Aveanna is the ability to give good, quality care to my patients. I apologize for background noise of clicking its my dogs walking around...

Nurse Christy - Melbourne

Nurse Samantha and Paul

Aveanna has given me lifetime friendship!!! He’s the Macaroni to my cheese and I’m the butter to his toast….Besties for life!

Nurse I'tritia - Orange